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We are pleased to introduce Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary and Apostille, your top option for all your notarization and apostille needs in Hollywood and beyond, with 15 years of priceless experience, a client base of over 940 satisfied customers, and a team of 270 knowledgeable staff members. We serve as a light of confidence, accuracy, and excellence in a world where the integrity of papers might be crucial.

Our services


We specialize in creating various types of contracts; as a customer, all you need to worry about is the terms and conditions you want to include, and we won't disappoint.


Given that agreements serve as the cornerstone for contracts. You can protect your interests by creating workable and legally sound agreements with the assistance of our legal professionals.


We make sure to draught an affidavit that will provide you the best chance possible to be heard in court. Affidavits are statements that people willingly write down and swear to be true in a courtroom. You can get the same aid from our legal staff.

Loan paperwork

Borrowing money is a dangerous endeavor. If you are a borrower or a lender looking for loan paperwork services in Hollowood that will lower your stress levels, then look no further.


If you've ever wanted to specify your desires for how your property should be divided among your loved ones, having a will can undoubtedly be helpful because it protects the legal rights of your dependents.

Why Use the Mobile Notary and Apostille services from Rachel Mintz?


Our purpose and vision at Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary and Apostille motivate us to provide top-notch services that set us apart from the competition.


To make the notarization and apostille processes simpler for our clients. We use our knowledge, pay close attention to the little things, and never waver in our dedication to your happiness. Whether a simple notarization or a complicated apostille service, we are committed to providing unmatched service and guiding you through the procedure quickly.


As the leading provider of services related to apostille and Mobile Notary Hollywood, we strive to raise the bar for quality in our sector. Our ultimate goal is to develop enduring relationships with our clients founded on trust, integrity, and superior service. We want the notarization and apostille processes to be stress-free so you can concentrate on your work, knowing your important documents are in good hands. We constantly adapt to new requirements to guarantee that our clients obtain the best services.

Cost and Additional Details

Location, timing, and particular requirements are just a few variables affecting our fees. A Mobile Notary in Los Angeles charges a $50 base trip fee during ordinary business hours. The sixth notarized signature is free, with a fixed cost of $15 applied to each. The travel cost may differ for notarial services rendered after hours or during rush hour.

We also provide other services, including certified document translation, administering oaths, language interpreters, and election investigators. Loan signings are provided for $150–200; additional services will increase fees.

In all of Los Angeles, our mobile notary Hollywood services are available by appointment within 60 minutes of contact. We provide courier, color printing, mailing, scanning, and fax services for your convenience. Major credit cards, business checks, PayPal, and cash are all acceptable forms of payment. Please be aware of our cancellation policy, wait charges, and the fact that rates can change.

Mobile Notary Hollywood

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Please get in touch with us if you need our professional notary and apostille services or have any questions. We are accessible throughout the day, all days a week. Our address is 3717 Ackerman Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065, USA, where you can contact us. You can also contact us by email at or (323) 333-8096 if you need help or have any questions. We are committed to immediately attending to your needs and giving your documents the best service and support possible.

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